“I feel comfortable knowing that Dan will find a way to turn my ideas into options. He is a perfectionist when it comes to his music and I feel confident that he will turn even the most basic ideas into a work of quality.”

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Tait Maxfeldt


Ramble” < Click Here

“Working with Dan has been a true pleasure. It is an endless learning experience. His patience, care and expertise in every regard has pushed me creatively and shaped my confidence. The careful craftsmen-ship of carving a song into its sculptured form needs an expert hand. Dan listens and explains in equal measure. As a talented musician in his own right, he has a unique skill set to sculpt sound. The art of pulling a great performance out of someone and capturing it with precision is a delicate understanding. His work speaks for itself. I believe in him!”

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“Dan really cares about the work he puts out and strives for the highest quality in his production. He listens well and allows space for the creative process.

At the same time he stays meticulous and focused. And he also happens to be the sweetest person you’ll ever meet.”

Bora Yeter


The Bora Yeter Collective

“Kimse Bilmez (feat. Eda Gören)” Produced by Bora Yeter & discøguru

“Lavasounds is a disciplined and well-organized opperation that I have had a great pleasure and satisfaction of working with.
Daniel's personal interest in gear and his talent in transferring the real feeling of a performances into a recording are really impressive and inspiring.”