Professional audio production & Creative collaboration is what we are about.

There is no doubt about it,   audio recording is an art.  It requires expertise, time, and dedication in order to get a result you love. It is also important who you choose to work with. You need to find an engineer who is patient and will work with you in order to make sure you get what you want. Someone who can share creative ideas and coach you through the recording process of getting the results you want.

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Daniel Lavastida Brown, is a sound engineer, musician, motivational coach, and a passionate sailor who has been developing an international network of industry professionals in order to help clients reach their goals. 

Daniel launched LavaSounds in Maui making a way for singer/songwriters & producers to achieve professional production that is financially within their reach.


The Mission

LavaSounds is a fully capable mobile recording & music production platform with the goal of making professional production available to the singer-songwriter for a price that fits the individual project. Discover yourself

Using an extensive network of international professionals including: performers, songwriters, producers, recording, mixing, and mastering engineers, lyricists..... our mission is to help motivate and guide you forward from whatever level you are on.

LavaSounds works with artists in the areas of: Recording and production. We give free consultations to prospective clients

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No one person or material thing could ever come close to the feeling I get when the music is right.
— Barry Manilow -Singer/Songwriter & Producer


Recording: The process of capturing perfect quality audio to be used for production.

  • We can record on location as long as there is power and it works for the purpose of the recording.

Audio mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. In the process, a source's volume level, frequency, content, dynamics, and panoramic position are manipulated and or enhanced. -Wikipedia

This step includes

  • Comping (combining the best takes of recorded tracks into one track)

  • Editing (removing unwanted noises, tuning , adjusting timing, adjusting file gain)

  • Volume levels, Panning, Equalization, Compression, Reverb, and Time Based Effects like Delays..

Audio Mastering is the process of taking a mix and preparing it for distribution. -izotope

  • This step makes your tracks sound sweet, big, wide, and ready for the radio

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Song production cost varies on what services you are looking for. Ask for a quote for your specific project.

Recording ($42/hr) 4hrs = $168

Mixing (1-9sources $150/song) (10-32sources $200/song)

Recording & mixing - (free editing)

Do you need your track Mastered? Talk to Lavasounds about options for Mastering 

On-Site recording- additional $100 per recording

Basic Demo

Record, Edit, Mix, Master of a song with minimal production 1 Instrument + 1 Singer $300 (Limited to 4 hours of recording and 6 revisions)