The Lavastida Story


Aubert Lavastida (born in 1921 Cuba) was the son of a Latin American father and a North American mother. He learned to speak Spanish and English at the same time as a child, and has lived and attended schools on both Cuba and America. He taught for several years in the department of Romance Languages on the University level and after receiving a$3,000.00 loan to buy a motion picture camera and  after producing  a number of outstanding films was appointment as Director of Motion Picture Production. Aubert’s love for adventure and travel along with his excellent film making skills led to his creation of numerous outstanding travel films. Where he documented many adventure travels from walking across the continent of South America through the Amazonia (The Amazon Jungle) to exploring remote islands in the Pacific or filming the great Pyramids of Egypt. Albert was a passionate sailor and believed in perspective of learning through movement. He was an artist who defined the concept of creativity. LavaSounds was created in Albert’s foot steps from Colombia to the Pacific to the middle east.

His momentum is still moving today through this company.